African Children Story

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Founded by Co-Editors Karim Ajania and Muyambi Muyambi, African Children Story addresses the vital need to preserve and to protect the indigenous children’s stories of Africa which are sadly becoming either endangered, or neglected, or forgotten. African Children Story is dedicated toward celebrating and communicating the rich cultural heritage of stories for children in Africa through the creation of web-based storytelling such as podcasts and videos, the publishing of children’s books, and story preservation in marginalized communities within the African Continent.

When the initial prototype of the Smart Libraries franchise is built in Kibera, Kenya, preservation and nurturing of African oral story telling traditions will be a priority. These precious African generational stories are becoming an endangered species in our modern world. They must be rescued from the danger of extinction, nurtured carefully and affectionately back to life, and then rediscovered and retold and celebrated once more, for the future generations of African children.