Slum Library

Slum Library is a partner organization of Smart Libraries.

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Claris is the CEO of Slum Library

Claris is Chief Executive Officer of Slum Library.

She is very passionate about children education and has so far started a slum library in Mukuru kwa Ruben where Claris grew up. Claris attended Gatoto Primary School and managed to get into one of the best high schools in Kenya.

The Mukuru kwa Ruben slum in Kenya where Claris grew up

Claris is currently stocking the library she already started with story books so as to give the children in the slum area more opportunity to learn to read and write. She will be working with Brenda, CEO of Books for Kenya, to source books worldwide for future slum libraries she builds.

The Mukuru kwa Ruben slum in Kenya where Claris grew up

Claris also plans to take a teaching course so that together with other Akili Dada girls scholarship alumnae, they can volunteer as teachers at her former primary school, Gatoto Primary School, that she already knows has a shortage of teachers on staff.