Situation Room

The Smart Libraries franchise will utilize a digital “Situation Room” to track the progress of the network of Smart Libraries built on the African continent.

The African network of Smart Libraries will each be symbolized by a digital “ticker tape” symbol.

For example, the prototype in “Kibera” will be symbolized by the ticker tape symbol “KBR”.

The electronic ticker tape symbol for each library in the network of the Smart Library franchise will track and update number of literacy hours taught, as well as number of children in the slums that received this literacy opportunity through the literacy teachers of the Smart Libraries franchise.

Pricing Model

The network of Smart Libraries will be funded at both a macro and a micro level of financing.

On the macro level, the infrastructure of the slum libraries will be funded through both local African corporations as well as corporations worldwide through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

On a micro level, the funding of essential items such as chalk, books and pencils will be funded through a combination of partner organization participation and worldwide school fundraisers.

The partner organizations listed on this website, such as Portfolio CSR and One Pencil Per Child, will secure essential items for the Smart Libraries network, and work with schools to raise funds.